Jacob Sackin
Environmental Science Fiction & Art

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About Jacob Sackin

Jacob Sackin has hovered around the Santa Cruz area ever since 2000 when he worked as an outdoor educator for three years near Pescadero, California.  After getting a Master's Degree in creative writing in Flagstaff, Arizona, and then teaching at an alternative high school in Eugene, Oregon, he and his wife Rebecca moved to Boulder Creek, California, where he worked as director and principal of Sempervirens Outdoor School for six years.  Originally from Columbia, Missouri and Kansas City, Jacob has been drawing for most of his life and now lives with his family in Santa Cruz.

His most recent artwork includes fantastical cathedral drawings inspired by the architecture of Europe, and nature mandalas, inspired by Tibetan Buddhist art and the natural world. All drawings are made with pencil, pen and marker on paper, and then scanned and printed to display and sell.

He is also the author of two environmental science fiction novels, Islands and Iglu.

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